Dynamic Youth Theatre Tickets Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a ticket for a Dynamic Youth Theatre (DYT) show you are agreeing to the following:

(a) The ticket only entitles the ticket holder to attend and view the selected performance of the show and, where relevant, to occupy the selected seat allocation. Please check your ticket selection carefully prior to payment as it may not be possible to rectify mistakes at a later stage.

(b) If a particular performance of a DYT show has to be cancelled in its entirety due to unforeseen circumstances then a full refund (excluding any TicketTailor booking fee) will be offered to all ticket holders for that performance.

(c) Tickets are not normally transferable between performances except in special circumstances, and then only at the discretion of the management of DYT.

(d) In some cases it may be possible for a ticket holder to change their seat allocation for a different seat at the same performance. This needs to be requested by contacting DYT prior to the day of the performance concerned; it will not be possible to change seat allocations on the day of, or during, a performance.

(e) The price of any ticket for a particular DYT production, including any discounts that may be offered for concessions or groups, is as specified on the DYT website at the time of booking. No further discounts, over and above those that are advertised for a particular production, will be offered or available.

(f) DYT does not guarantee that any particular member of the cast will appear in a scheduled performance for which a ticket has been purchased, and reserves the right to replace previously advertised and scheduled performers with alternatives in one or more performances should this become necessary due to illness or other relevant reasons. If a particular performer or performers do/do not appear in a scheduled performance for which a ticket was purchased a refund will not be available.

(g) Refunds will not be available if a ticket holder fails to turn up to a performance for which the ticket was purchased.

(h) In very limited special circumstances, and purely at the discretion of the management of DYT, refunds (excluding any TicketTailor booking fee) may be offered to ticket purchasers. Such a request for a refund must be made to DYT management prior to the day of the performance for which the ticket was purchased and will only be granted should DYT be able to re-sell the purchased ticket either in advance of that performance or on the door.

(i) No refund requests will be considered by the management of DYT if they are received during or after the performance has taken place for which the ticket was purchased.